November 28, 2009

Holiday Hearth

I was at our local home deco store recently and as often happens, quickly became overwhelmed by all of the shoppers and all of the stuff...especially the sparkly holiday things. My mind was blank and I couldn't remember any of the ideas I've had for new projects or what I already have and what changes I'd like to make to my Christmas decor. Many things were added to and then removed from my cart. I finally left with just a few items and a little inspiration. My husband came home to find my 'spray-painting box' in his parking spot and was very confused about why I was painting the wood from our wood pile.

Here's what I needed for this project:

Spray paint and glitter


and a floral swag.  Here is the final result:


Anonymous said...

Awesome! What is this spray-painting box? Fancy or plain flattened box?

Congrats on your new blog!


Monica Donku said...

Thanks! It's a big cardboard box from the firepit that we got for Father's day. I just lay it flat in the garage and try to remember to push it out of the way when I'm done. It pretty much does the job but if there is a good cross breeze other stuff gets it. For example, an old hand vac that I didn't bother to move now has a touch of gold. I figure a bit of paint won't hurt most of the stuff out there but I better be careful. I think someone may be a bit upset if he discovers his fishing poles have a new glittery gold finish.

Anonymous said...

Ha! I think Niko would like sparkly poles as long as doesn't foul the line. :)

I use my box from my 46" TV. I pulled it out to end of driveway for halloween painting, but was freaked out by the breeze. I don't think the neighbors would be very happy if their big white trucks were covered in black specks. Need a three walled box to block breezes.


teresa said...

i love it ! it looks great !

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