December 18, 2009

A Missed Opportunity

Living in the suburban midwest, occasionally we see articles about coyotes and missing pets. With two dogs of our own, it has crossed our minds that we need to be careful. Having a fenced yard has perhaps given us a false sense of security.

Pookie and I were on our way back from breakfast with hubby recently and had just entered our subdivision when she pointed out a dog. This is in no way an unusual site, however; this was not a dog - it was a coyote!

It was still early and foggy and the neighborhood was  quiet. He had just crossed the street, barely spared us a glance and headed across the middle of a frozen pond. He paused to take a drink off of the ice and then continued on his way. I've heard we have them in our area and even have seen them from a good distance, but this was so close. Later that day Pookie and I were doing some Christmas shopping for her daddy at Bass Pro Shops and were able to confirm, that yes indeed, that had been a coyote.

My full-time profession has given me some experience with internal web applications however, I have only recently ventured out onto the internet. Being a new blogger, I'm trying to learn as much as I can in order to be a good and responsible blogger. One tip I've come across is to keep my camera handy. This was a perfect example of why...darn it, I wish I had my camera.

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