January 20, 2010

So Much Fun

I wrote in December about the awesome gift I got for my daughter for Christmas – a sewing machine. In my usual fashion, there were a couple things I had to do before we could actually get started. First, I felt we needed the right book to help me with the lessons. I looked at a few and decided on these – My First Machine Sewing Book: Straight Stitching and Simply Sewing (Kids Can Do It). Second, I realized that she needed a workspace that is her size - there is no way she could reach a foot pedal sitting at the table.

When Pookie was small, I got her a Dora table and chair set. She used it for everything - meals, play, crafts, etc. She has since outgrown Dora and we moved the set to the playroom. Until I find her the right sewing table, I thought it might be a good idea to redo the Dora table. She had some qualms about painting over her sticker collection. I had my own concerns about painting over Dora and my nostalgia. The table was pretty beat up and a nice new paint job could only be an improvement. Since the focus of this entry is on sewing, I'll post my before and after of the table redo another time.

100_0566 Finally I have my act together enough to sit down with her for sewing lessons. We started with My First Machine Sewing Book. I have to say…she’s a natural. I’m so proud. I’m thinking, pillows will be perfect first projects for her – fun and she has that straight stitch down. I can’t wait to show my Mom pictures of our little seamstress.

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