May 12, 2010

My Garden and a Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Life has been pretty crazy lately and I haven’t had any time to write about my projects. I want this blog to be something I enjoy rather than a source of guilt so I won’t apologize but hope to get caught up on what we’ve been up to around here.

This time of year, my obsession is my garden. The little spare time I’ve had lately, I’ve been working on various things out there. This season began with me wanting to grow strawberries. I bought one of those upside down things but in  my opinion, they are not the prettiest garden ornaments, so I did a little research and came up with my own strawberry planter.

I found the little buckets in the dollar bin at Target awhile ago and I bought the chain from the hardware section at Wal-mart. Here’s the strawberries ready to be moved out to the garden…or back in the house if the weather is a little frosty or too windy.

Here’s one of the reasons I haven’t had much time to write lately.

Also, Pookie who is soon to turn 7, lost her first tooth.

As soon as I got home from work, I put together her tooth fairy pillow. I’ve been planning this project for quite some time but like so many other things, I procrastinated. I did succeed in finishing it by bedtime though – in plenty of time for the tooth fairy’s arrival.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice! Can't wait to see how the strawberries work out. Did you draw the image on the pillow pocket? Pookie looks pleased.

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